DxOMark ha probado la RED Epic Dragon y por primera vez una cámara ha conseguido romper la barrera de los 100 puntos en la valoración del sensor con un total de 101 puntos. Os dejo algunas comparaciones RED Epic Dragon vs. Nikon D800 (29000$ vs 2,800$)


DxOMark ranking de cámaras a ISO altos:



DxOMark ranking de cámaras por rango dinámico:



Conclusión DxOMark :

While the results and quality of output from this specially-adapted Epic Dragon are awesome, it’s all the more extraordinary, considering the sensor size and pixel pitch. It’s hard to imagine anyone being disappointed by the Dragon’s performance (except maybe at extremely high ISO).
Given the Epic Dragon’s price tag, this camera isn’t for everyone, but it will appeal to those that demand the most nuanced color and with widest possible dynamic range.

More importantly, the ability to choose a high quality still photo from a movie sequence will be invaluable to time-pressured imaging professionals, in the studio or elsewhere. While this will take some time to filter down to consumer level HD-DSLRs, this new technology just may forever change the way both footage and stills are shot in the future.