Aptina anunció un nuevo sensor de 1 » (AR1011HS) que probablemente utilizarán en futuras cámaras Nikon 1 sin espejo (V2 tal vez? ), aquí están las especificaciones básicas:

  • 10MP
  • Píxeles 3,4 micron 
  • Video: resolución de 10MP a 60fps, incluida broadcast quality quad high definition y 1080p oversampled para True HD, vídeo 1080p a 120 cuadros por segundo y modos adicionales  de alta velocidad para la reproducción a cámara lenta.
El sensor dentro de los actuales modelos de Nikon 1 estan fabricados por Aptina . Hace unos meses hubo rumores de que Aptina estába desarrollando un sensor de fotograma completo.



Aptina Introduces High Performance Camera Sensor To Bridge And Mirrorless Cameras Market

San Jose, CA and Cologne, Germany, September 18, 2012 – Aptina, a global provider of CMOS imaging solutions enabling Imaging Everywhere™, announced today the release of the AR1011HS digital camera image sensor. The new 1-inch optical format sensor is ideal for enabling high quality bridge and mirrorless cameras and targets Tier-1 camera OEMs. The sensor provides 10-megapixel (MP) resolution, 3.4-micron pixels, with Aptina’s DR-Pix™ technology, delivering uncompromised low light and bright light scene image quality. The AR1011HS high-speed sensor architecture is capable of reading full 10MP resolution at 60fps, and enables a variety of video modes, including broadcast quality quad high definition (HD), oversampled 1080p for True HD resolution, 1080p video at 120 frames per second, and additional high frame rate modes for slow motion playback.

“The AR1011HS image sensor is a great match for the performance-oriented bridge and mirrorless camera market,” said Sandor Barna, Vice President and General Manager of Aptina’s Consumer Camera business. “Image quality and speed are the two things this market cannot compromise on. Tier-1 OEMs competing in this market are looking for increasingly versatile solutions to meet the demand for speed and performance, and this sensor provides both.”

Integrating Aptina’s DR-Pix™ technology, the AR1011HS delivers both high-pixel sensitivity for low-light imaging, and high-pixel capacity for bright outdoor scenes. The combination of this outstanding pixel performance and high-speed readout technologies enables fast, vivid broadcast quality video and high-end still image capture quality in a single sensor solution.

The AR1011HS uses Aptina’s advanced 24-lane HiSPi™ High Speed Serial Pixel Interface for fast data transfer. HiSPi is an open access, scalable technology that enables 1080p/120 fps performance (and beyond) and has been adopted by many of Aptina’s business partners to meet the challenges of high-speed, low-power consumption data transfer.

Aptina’s AR1011HS image sensor is currently sampling in limited volumes and will be in mass production in Q1CY13.

About DR-Pix Technology
DR-Pix technology combines two modes of operation in one pixel design – low conversion gain mode for large charge handling capacity in bright scenes and a high conversion gain mode with increased sensitivity and low read noise for low-light scenes. The result is a sensor that offers the best possible noise performance over all ISO speed conditions.