Mas acerca de la D7100

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Cobertura adicional de la Nikon D7100 de todo el WWW, incluidas los videos hands-on. En primer lugar el video oficial del producto:

Nikon D7100 video de presentación de CameraLabs:

Nikon D7100 preview

Nikon D7100 primera mirada por WhatDigitalCamera:

Nikon D7100 vista previa DigitalCameraWorld:

Nikon D7100 primera mirada por Wich:

Nikon D7100 - Which? first look review

Nikon D7100 hands-on de Engadget:

Lo que otras webs opinan sobre la D7100:

«Overall then, despite some minor niggles, the D7100 seems like a very strong release, which represents very stiff competition to Canon’s venerable EOS 7D as well as its 60D. It also appears – finally – to have supplanted the D300S as Nikon’s top-end DX-format DSLR. In fact in Europe at least, the D7100 is officially being billed by Nikon as its new ‘flagship DX’ camera, the D300S finally disappearing from the lineup, off into the sunset.» –Dpreview

«This all sounds fantastic, but the biggest problem is that while we just rattled off a load of highly-desirable features, there’s not a single one that’s compelling enough to seal the deal. And at $1200 for the body alone, the D7100 is asking a lot of people in a price-conscious class of consumers. The camera not only misses the crucial $1000 cutoff for what people consider a «budget» DSLR, it’s also $400 more expensive than the D5200. Is this stack of advanced features worth $400 if realistically you’re working with the same image sensor from cheaper cameras in the line? We’ll have to wait until the D7100 comes out next month to find out.» –Gizmodo

«Speed improvements reach beyond consecutive shooting. Nikon claims a startup time of 0.13 second, with a 0.052-second shutter lag. The focusing system is boosted as well, with 51 AF points and 15 cross-type sensors in the central area, including one that’s even compatible with f/8 maximum aperture optics, such as an f/5.6 lens paired with a teleconverter.» –Engadget

«Ergonomically, the Nikon D7100 sees some improvements over the Nikon D7000. It has magnesium alloy top and rear covers and is now weather-resistant. Textures on the mode dial have been improved, while a lock has also been added to prevent accidentally switching between modes.» –Techradar

«It seems that Nikon is upping the ante here by adopting features typically found in their upper-midrange models such as the D300s, in the D7100. It will be interesting to see how the absence of an optical low pass filter will improve image quality.» –Cnet Asia

«Nikon promises improved performance, a no-brainer after three years. The real questions are whether it will be significantly faster than the D5200 and whether the OLPF-free image quality will be gotta-have-it better. It’s also important to note that the 7D is quite old as well and both it and the SLT-A77V are likely to be replaced this year. Plus, Nikon’s keeping the D7000 around for an unspecified period — still a great camera — so you’ve got to watch for price drops there. When the D7000 shipped, Canon and Nikon were pretty much the only games in town for this type of camera, but in the interim, Sony and Pentax have developed formidable options with which Nikon needs to contend.» –Cnet